Backlit aspens, northern Utah, USA

Backlit aspens, northern Utah

Claudia and I have been on a road trip for about two weeks now. It’s been a fun, relaxing journey. We don’t have any specific plans, so we’re exploring some out-of-the-way places we’ve never been to before, looking for fall color and anything else that seems interesting.

We started in northern Utah. where the maples weren’t as vibrant as last year, but we saw some nice patches of color. And then we ventured farther into the boonies and found beautiful mountains, aspens, and some moose.

One small bull moose let me follow it around for an hour or so as it grazed, stripping young aspens of their leaves. Claudia joined me after awhile, and the moose was remarkably unconcerned by our presence. Then a cow elk and her calf came crashing through the forest, startling the moose. We soon saw the reason the elk were running – the cow was being pursued by a large bull elk. The elk soon ran off into the forest, alarmed at our presence. The moose hadn’t gone far, but we decided to leave the moose, elk, and all the forest animals in peace and head back to our campsite.

We eventually made it to Colorado, and I’m sure I’ll post some photos from there at some point, but in the meantime here’s a selection of images from that first part of our journey in northern Utah.

— Michael Frye

Mountains and creek at sunset, northern Utah, USA

Mountains and creek at sunset, northern Utah

Bigtooth maple, northern Utah, USA

Bigtooth maple, northern Utah

Aspens and bigtooth maples, northern Utah, USA

Aspens and bigtooth maples, northern Utah

Aspen-covered hillside, northern Utah, USA

Aspen-covered hillside, northern Utah

Bull moose eating aspen leaves, northern Utah, USA

Bull moose eating aspen leaves, northern Utah

Red squirrel chattering, northern Utah, USA

Red squirrel chattering, northern Utah

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