Night Work

When the sun sets, nature reveals its hidden power. At night, the wilderness offers a chance to experience something that has become truly rare in the modern world: a sense of mystery.

To capture this sense of mystery, I’ve ventured out at night into wild places throughout the American West. My early nighttime work, begun in the 1990s, often relied on electronic flash with colored gels to “paint” elements of the landscape and add surreal colors. In my more recent work I’ve tended to use more subdued colors, and light-paint with flashlights instead of flash. And sometimes I’ll use only natural light – especially since modern digital equipment allows me to photograph in almost complete darkness, using only faint moonlight or even starlight. Regardless of the technique used, the resulting photographs are meant to convey the mood of the nighttime wilderness – the sense of mystery, wonder, peace, and awe that can overtake you after dark.

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