Spring in Yosemite

Three Brothers after a spring snowstorm, Saturday morning

Three Brothers after a spring snowstorm, Saturday morning

We had great conditions during my Yosemite workshop for The Ansel Adams Gallery this past week. The dogwoods were blooming, there were lots of fresh, green leaves everywhere, and we had some interesting weather. It rained all day Friday, but Saturday morning we found clearing skies and an inch of new snow. This photograph of Three Brothers was made as the sun hit the rock faces and generated copious quantities of mist; you’ll find a couple of other images from the week below.

The dogwoods are still in good shape, and should be photogenic for at least another week or so. And the dogwoods at higher elevations (along highways 41 and 120, and in the Tuolumne Grove of giant sequoias) are just getting started, and should last for two to three weeks.

I’m off to North and South Carolina tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to photographing eastern dogwoods, waterfalls, and whatever else we find!

— Michael Frye

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Big-leaf maple and Tenaya Creek, spring, Yosemite NP, CA, USA

Big-leaf maple and Tenaya Creek, spring, Monday afternoon

Swirling water, Tenaya Creek, Yosemite NP, CA, USA

Swirling water, Tenaya Creek, Monday afternoon

Bridalveil Fall and mist from Tunnel View, Yosemite NP, CA, USA

Bridalveil Fall and mist from Tunnel View, Saturday afternoon

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Michael Frye is a professional photographer specializing in landscapes and nature. He is the author or principal photographer of The Photographer’s Guide to YosemiteYosemite Meditations, Yosemite Meditations for Women, and Digital Landscape Photography: In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams and the Great Masters. He has also written three eBooks: Light & Land: Landscapes in the Digital Darkroom, Exposure for Outdoor Photography, and Landscapes in Lightroom 5: The Essential Step-by-Step Guide. Michael written numerous magazine articles on the art and technique of photography, and his images have been published in over thirty countries around the world. Michael has lived either in or near Yosemite National Park since 1983, currently residing just outside the park in Mariposa, California.

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25 Responses to “Spring in Yosemite”

  1. Aram Langhans says:

    Great shots. Love the B&W of the maples and river. We will be there the second week in May, so this year, most of the dogwood show will be done by then, I imagine. When we were there a few weeks ago, I asked about the Tuolumne Grove and I was told it was still closed since the fire. Have things changed since then?

    • Michael Frye says:

      Thanks Aram. I thought I heard the Tuolumne Grove had reopened, but I could be wrong about that. The Park Service’s website does not list it among the closed trails.

  2. Robin Kent says:

    Hey Michael: Great series of images. I especially like the one of Bridalveil Fall in the mist.

  3. James says:

    Love the monochrome along Tenaya Creek. Is that a section along the road / trail to mirror lake? Or somewhere else?


  4. Ann says:

    Beautiful reflections of YNP! Glad you got to teach and photograph during such a myriad of weather conditions.

    Bridalveil Fall is stunning! You managed to clearly capture the “leaping” nature of this fall, and, without the wind blowing the “veil” sideways.

    Enjoy your adventure to the Carolinas.

  5. Denise says:

    Michael another beautiful set of photographs. I am sorry to miss you at Yosemite as we arrive tomorrow. How I love this place.

  6. Michael.
    Wow as always an inspiration to us all. One question. Were these photos shot with your new A7r?

  7. Sarah Fields says:

    Very nice images! I believe I saw your workshop group out at Cathedral that morning (I was one of the other photogs at that site that morning). Conditions were amazing after that full day of rain Friday, glad I had your book and iphone app to guide me to good spots! Here is one of my shots from that morning:

  8. Your images are absolutely stunning. I love the way you used a longer exposure to show the movement in the mist and water. I hope to one day take images as great as yours!

  9. Michael Callahan says:

    Beautiful photos, I especially like the maple and Tenaya Creek. I’m looking forward to a week in Yosemite in a few weeks. Michael, thank you for all the inspiration. I am truly enjoying The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite.

  10. Beautiful landscape and well captured.

  11. Michael,

    I wish I would have seen your blog sooner! I was there that same morning after visiting Tunnel View: http://portfolio.jeremyvesely.com/p366067203/h2e5b77bb#h2e5b77bb

    I would have introduced myself. Would love to tag along with you one of these days in Yosemite!

    Here’s my image from that morning along with my workflow (As it was pretty much right out of camera): http://portfolio.jeremyvesely.com/p366067203/h2e5b77bb#h3fcaa6de

    Hope to meet up with you sometime in the future!


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