The Creative Spark: Making Art with Your iPhone

• Instructor: Robert Eckhardt
• March 9-11, 2018
• Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
• Focus: Field and Classroom
• Maximum 15 Participants
• Tuition: $685 (includes lunch all three days)
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In this workshop we’ll show you how to get creative with your iPhone, how iPhone image-making can expand your photographic horizons, and how iPhone creativity and experimentation can enhance and improve your overall photographic expression. Perhaps best of all, we’ll show you how to create wall-hanging-worthy photographs with nothing but your iPhone.

This three-day workshop will cover iPhone photography from beginner to advanced and everything in between, including:

• Holding and stabilizing your phone for sharper images
• Hard-to-find but powerful features of Apple’s Camera app
• Camera replacement apps, their advantages and disadvantages
• Image file formats, which ones to use, and when
• Basic image editing workflow
• Advanced image editing with Snapseed and other third party apps
• Fixing image problems and removing unwanted elements
• Using filters and filter apps to create atmosphere and mood
• Blending two or more images together
• Adding textures to your images
• Finding textures online; creating your own textures; what makes a good texture file
• Morphing an image into a watercolor, a pencil sketch, a woodcut or a graphic using apps — and how to improve the results
• Painting directly on your image to create your own painterly style
• Better black and white
• Big, high-resolution panoramas and how to capture them
• Exposure bracketing and HDR (high dynamic range)
• Shooting at slow shutter speeds (yes, you can!)
• Creating your own style, and recreating it consistently across a group of images
• Organizing your images and safely backing them up

We’ll look at how iOS 11 continues to change – and improve – iPhone photography. We’ll talk about HEIF, Apple’s new image file format, compare it to RAW and JPEG, and discuss the pros and cons of all three. We’ll also cover accessories such as add-on lenses, tripods, battery boosters, lens cleaning tools, and styluses. We’ll talk about how (and where) to share your work online directly from your phone, and discuss printing and displaying iPhone images.

During the workshop, we’ll be making several forays each day into Carmel town to practice different iPhone techniques. We’ll also make a couple of trips further afield to locations around Carmel and Monterey to practice what we’ve learned. And on Saturday evening we’ll have an optional photo walk around Carmel or Monterey’s Cannery Row to experiment with night and low-light image-making.

We suggest that you come equipped with an iPhone 5s or later. (Earlier model iPhones may not be able to take advantage of everything we discuss; the most recent and the dual-lens models will allow you to do everything iOS 11 is capable of.) We’ll be working with as many as twenty third-party apps, which you will need to purchase and download. You’ll need an Apple App Store account in order to download the apps, and should budget about $25-30 for their purchase.

You have a complete photography darkroom, start to finish, in your iPhone. It has everything you need to shoot, organize, process, display, and share your photographs. I hope you’ll join us as we show how to do all these things, and especially, how to spark your creativity with the one camera you always have with you.

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