Aspens in the Snow » 0213-10576

Aspens with a dusting of snow, Conway Summit, Inyo NF, CA, USA

Aspens with a dusting of snow, Conway Summit, Inyo NF, CA, USA

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  1. Vic Kincer says:

    Very nice Michael. How did you process the shot. Very unique.

  2. Andy Wright says:

    This shot caught my eye when looking at your email.
    But they were all very nice. The blowing snow at 1/20 or so are okay.
    I liked #1 for the layers of color.

  3. This is a painting …. and makes me want to paint it!!

  4. Bart says:

    All are great but this one is outstanding for its texture. Impressionism at its best, love it.

  5. Steve Conger says:

    My #1 pick of your 2013 selection. The autumn colors, the white aspen bark and the light dusting of snow contribute to making this a Wow photograph.

  6. Hugo says:

    Wow! Outstanding shot… Would love to know more about the technical details, the how-to you used to this amazing shot!

    • Michael Frye says:

      Thank Hugo! How I got this photograph really doesn’t have much to do with the technical details. For what it’s worth, the shutter speed was 1/180th at f/11, 1600 ISO, focal length 140mm. But anyone could get the exposure right and get this in focus, as it’s a low-contrast scene without a lot of depth. In the main post here I describe more about the process of making these images.

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