After the Storm, Is There Still Fall Color in Yosemite?

Oaks in El Capitan Meadow yesterday

Oaks in El Capitan Meadow yesterday

During last weekend’s snowstorm I saw maples and cottonwoods dropping leaves in bunches, and wondered how much fall color would survive. But while teaching a private workshop yesterday I saw that there was still some good color in Yosemite Valley. The oaks are in great shape, as you can see from this photograph in El Capitan Meadow that I grabbed yesterday afternoon. Most of the dogwoods also kept their leaves and their color. But the maples are now mostly bare, and some of the cottonwood leaves changed from vibrant yellow to rusty brown. Strangely though, some dogwoods, cottonwoods, and oaks are still partially green. We even saw some dark green cottonwoods near Swinging Bridge—an odd sight for November 14th.

While the peak color has passed, those green leaves suggest that we might still see some good fall foliage in the valley for another week or two. It’s been a strange, late, yet beautiful autumn in Yosemite.

— Michael Frye

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8 Responses to “After the Storm, Is There Still Fall Color in Yosemite?”

  1. Andrys says:

    Beautiful shades of fading gold and I love the form or seeming movement of the trunks. But, might we get some more? :-)

    • Michael Frye says:

      Thanks Andrys – glad you like this photograph. More… you mean more photos from yesterday? I was teaching, so didn’t have much opportunity to make photos of my own, and I’m afraid there aren’t any more of that’s what you mean. But it’s nice that you want to see more. :)

  2. Denise Dewire says:

    So glad to hear this as maybe there might be a bit of color still left for my visit on the 25th! Hoping there will be a little snow too, at least on half dome and others! Thanks for posting!

  3. Love the images! I’d have to say my favorite is the first one

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