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Photographing Horsetail Fall

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Extraordinary Light

Outdoor Photographer, December 2007


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Horsetail Fall


Horsetail Fall has become a photographic phenomenon. This skimpy waterfall, a trickle compared to the thundering volume of nearby Yosemite or Bridalveil Falls, attracts hundreds or even thousands of photographers to Yosemite Valley each February. What makes this little fall so visually appealing is its unique location. Descending from a high shoulder of El Capitan, it catches the light perfectly at sunset for about ten days in February. With enough flow and the right light, this sliver of falling water glows neon orange.



Extraordinary Light

from the December 2007 issue Outdoor Photographer Magazine


Aspen Trunks


I wrote about learning to see the subtleties of outdoor light - reflections, directional soft light, bounce light, etc. You can read the entire article on Outdoor Photographer's web site.


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Photographing Horsetail Fall